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Vanco makes it easy for donors to give, and for you to receive their contributions.

Vanco Payment Solutions provides a complete e-Giving suite so you can stay focused on the mission of your nonprofit organization. We work closely with charities, arts organizations and other cause-related groups to help you move beyond a cash-and-check-only environment. We help improve your ability to accept electronic donations to maximize your revenue stream while making it more convenient for donors and patrons to give on a regular basis.

Vanco is the payments partner with the know-how you need to make your entire donation process effective, secure and easy for you and those you serve. By leveraging our technology and services that allow you to accept ACH and debit/credit donations from anywhere within your organization, you benefit from a predictable donations and more efficient operations.

The only giving provider you’ll ever need.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in serving faith-based and nonprofit organizations, we’ve designed our Give+ suite to meet the unique needs of any size organization. Our plans scale by the number of transactions processed in a month, so the more your organization grows – or the more donations you receive electronically – the lower your rate. You can also customize your plan with options for text and kiosk giving and on-the-spot credit card processing.



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Our complete e-Giving suite empowers members to be more generous by offering them options to give anytime, anywhere and any way they want.

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