Announcing Enhanced Integration with PowerChurch Software

Vanco Payment Solutions is pleased to announce an updated integration with the latest release of PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online church management software. With over 30 years in the church management software field, PowerChurch Software provides solutions that help streamline the day-to-day tasks for busy church administrators. Integrated partners since 2008, PowerChurch’s software now directly integrates with Vanco to download contributions, eliminating the need for manually importing files. Additional enhancements on the accounting side facilitate end-of-month bank account reconciliations.

We look forward to this next phase of our long-standing partnership with PowerChurch and enhancing the experience for Vanco’s PowerChurch software users. If you are a current Vanco client and have questions about how Vanco integrates with PowerChurch Plus or PowerChurch Online, please contact Vanco’s Client Services team at 800-675-7430 for information and a copy of our useful Getting Started guide.

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