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Discover industry research, thought leadership and success stories. Learn how to evaluate providers, get your committee on board and how e-Giving works. Get equipped with the right tools and knowledge to launch your e-Giving program.

Electronic Giving’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Ministry

This whitepaper will help your church create a successful fundraising strategy, find the solutions you need to implement it, and overcome key challenges along the way.

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Discover industry research, listen to how industry leaders approach e-Giving and learn how other churches successfully grow their giving programs.

4 Ways to Improve Stewardship in your Church – eGuide

Charitable giving typically fluctuates with the economy, so churches need to plan for the downturns by removing as many barriers to giving as possible. Even in a strong economy, our eGuide is a great resource for helping you identify and remove those barriers within your church. Download

4 Action Plans to Reach Givers – eBook

An eGuide with research-based action plans that give churches the tools they need to reach each member in their church based on their giving preference. Download

Building Blocks of a Complete Giving Program – Video

Electronic options like Online, Credit/Debit, Kiosk and Text — along with the traditional passing of the plate — all have their place in helping churchgoers express their generosity. Our video can help guide you to the best combination of options for your needs. Download

Growing Giving Through a Kiosk – Case Study

Living Stones Churches recently accepted our invitation to try Give by Kiosk. Members are lining up to use it before and after services, and contributions are steadily increasing. Read this case study to uncover their success strategies. Download

Churchgoer Giving Study Early Findings Report

We surveyed 1,002 U.S. Christian churchgoers in August 2015, focusing on the attitudes, preferences and behaviors of churchgoers toward giving. Download

Building Blocks of Giving

Churches need to give members options for giving if they want to increase the total donation plate. Our infographic illustrates different giving methods and the steps you can follow to find the right combination. Download

Breaking Down Barriers to e-Giving

To help break down barriers that may be keeping your congregation from increasing the donation plate, we address seven common concerns that have taken on near-mythical status. Download

Inspiration for Pastors on Growing Generosity

A collection of tips, advice, and success strategies from leading industry influencers and pastors to help you leverage the power of the pulpit to motivate your members to be more generous. Download

Positive Impact of e-Giving on Church Finances – Case Study

Pastor David Norman shares success stories of how electronic giving helped his ministry avoid financial hardships through winter storms and summer slumps. Download

Seniors Embracing Electronic Giving – Case Study

With approximately 25% of its total donation plate coming from electronic giving and its average member over 60 years old, Trinity Episcopal Church in Asheville, N.C., defies stereotypes. Download

40 Percent of Total Donations from e-Giving – Case Study

Leadership from the pulpit and other success strategies that helped Constance Evangelical Free Church in Andover, Minn., grow electronic giving from zero to 40 percent of its total donation plate. Download

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Make an informed decision…Learn how to evaluate providers, how to get your committee on board and how e-Giving works.

Electronic Giving’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Ministry

Like it or not, building a thriving church and a growing, sustainable ministry takes money, as well as a plan for how to raise and spend it. This whitepaper will help your church create a successful fundraising strategy, find the solutions you need to implement it, and overcome key challenges along the way. Download

The Most Giving Time of Year – A Blueprint for a Successful Giving Season

Your church likely gets a third or more of its donation plate in November and December and Vanco understands this significance. So, follow our blueprint to help you prepare for the most giving time of year. Download

10 Essential Questions to Evaluate Online Giving Providers

This guide provides the top 10 questions you must ask — and the answers to listen for — when evaluating electronic giving providers. Download

Hands on Guide to e-Giving

This guide will help your church get started with electronic giving and make life easier for your church administrators, especially when it comes to processing and reporting. Download

Strengthen Stewardship through Electronic Giving – an eBook for your Church Committee

Do you need to explain how e-Giving works, or its benefits to your ministry and members? Get the help you need to start an e-Giving program with this eBook written for your church committee. Download

Strengthen Stewardship with Electronic Giving – Church Committee Presentation

This presentation for your church committee explains the special features and benefits of e-Giving and why members will like the consistency, convenience and control it places in their hands. Download

Top 10 e-Giving Operational Questions

This guide provides answers gleaned from 15+ years’ experience working with more than 15,000 churches. Discover just how easy it is to integrate e-Giving into your day-to-day activities. Download

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Get equipped with the right tools and knowledge to launch your
e-Giving program.

20 Customizable Church Messages

Good communication with members is key to successfully launching e-Giving solutions for your faith-based organization. Here are 20 customizable messages to use in your community outreach. Download

e-Giving Launch Timeline

Now that you’ve decided to offer e-Giving options, follow this timeline to raise awareness and speed adoption. Plus, get a sample communication plan you can customize for your organization. Download

e-Giving Launch Checklist

Ready. Set. Launch! The technical aspects of launching e-Giving are surprisingly simple. Use this checklist to make sure you keep your internal and external communications in sync and stay on track. Download

The Executive Pastor’s Role in Promoting e-Giving

The best Executive Pastors know the right time to propose a new idea or push ahead on a needed change, like adding e-Giving to the church’s lineup of donation options. Download

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